Can you log into Tiktok on two devices at once

Can you log into Tiktok on two devices at once? If you use TikTok often, you’ve probably tried to log into your account on two different devices at the same time and been logged out of one or both of them.

If this happens frequently, you might wonder if it’s possible to log into the app on two devices at the same time. So let’s talk about it!

Can you log into TikTok on two devices at once?

It is totally acceptable to log into your TikTok account on numerous devices; nothing will go wrong or happen to your account. It’s a common misconception that if you connect to TikTok on multiple devices, you’ll be automatically logged out of the first. This is not true!

You can log in to your iPhone, Android, or even PC all at once. Tiktok will not shadow ban your account or raise any kind of suspicion.

In case you run a business and you use Tiktok for marketing your products or services, and you have a team who manages your social media account, it’s completely fine to have your account logged into by different users on several devices.

What will happen if you log in to Tiktok on two devices?

It is completely fine to log in to Tiktok on two devices. Let’s say you have an iPhone and an iPad in your house and you want to log in to both of them with the same Tiktok account. You can easily do that by either having the TikTok app on both of them or accessing TikTok through your device browser.

You can also log into the other device by scanning the Tiktok QR code. This is even more convenient and secure. 

You can access the QR code in the Settings and Privacy tab and then scroll down to locate the QR code section.

Is it Ok to have multiple accounts on TikTok?

If you have multiple accounts, it is completely okay and does not go against Tiktok policy. Having another Tiktok account does not affect your main account’s views, likes, or even gaining followers. Tiktok allows users to have up to five accounts at a time.

On TikTok, you can have numerous accounts. You can add several accounts to your original/main account after it is created. 

You won’t have to log out of one account before logging into another. You can easily switch between your accounts with a single tap.

How to log in to Tiktok on two devices?

If you have two devices, you can easily log in to the other either by scanning the QR code or through the normal log in the portal on the Tiktok app, or you can search for Tiktok on your browser, fill in your login credentials, and easily access your account.

How to Log Into Multiple TikTok Accounts on Your iPhone

1. Launch the Tiktok app.

2. Click on the Profile Icon

3. At the top right corner of your screen, tap the three horizontal lines. (hamburger menu)

4. Under the ‘Settings and privacy’ tab scroll down and select the ‘Switch Account’ option.

5. Now Click the “+” symbol to add an account.

6. To sign up for a new account, use any of the methods listed. (You can add an account using your ‘phone or email,’ Facebook, Google, or Twitter credentials.)

7. Enter your sign-up information, such as your birth date, email address, and phone number.

8. Finally, confirm your new Tiktok account.

How to Log Out TikTok Account from Other Devices

In this section, I will show you how to log out TikTok account from your other devices. TikTok has a device management feature that helps users to keep their accounts safe and secure.

Follow the below steps and you will successfully log in from other devices your account is logged on.

1. Go to your TikTok profile tab and click on the three dots icon(hamburger menu) in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. From the displayed menu click the Security and login section tab.

3. Then select the Manage devices option.

4. Under this tab, you will see all the devices’ names on which you are logged in to your TikTok account. Also, you will see the date when you were logged in on a particular device. 

5. Select the device name from which you want to remove your account and tap the bin (delete) icon next to it.

 Confirm by clicking on Remove. That’s it, you are done!


This article covered how to log into Tiktok with multiple devices. All steps are easily explained and followed. It also covered other related areas on Tiktok. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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