How Do I Stop Sharing History Between Devices[In 4 Steps]


How do I stop sharing history between my devices? If you sync a Google account with a couple of your devices together, you will find out that all your devices share a lot of information. 

And this isn’t isolated to just your emails. In fact, it is even for your document history and browsing history on Chrome or even Safari in the case of iPhone users.

In this post, I will go over how to stop devices from sharing search history and so much more. Keep reading.

How Do I Stop Sharing History Between Devices?

When you sign in with the same Google Account on different devices, your settings and preferences are synced between them. This makes it easier to use your apps across all of them.

For example, if you set up a new tablet and want to see the same preferences as on your phone, or if you use the same settings across all your devices, then this is a good thing.

However, if you don’t want history shared between devices, here’s how to turn off syncing:

On your Android device:

In the Gmail app, go to Settings >Go to your Google account profile > Tap on the sync option. Toggle to turn it off.

Under Sync data from this device to this account, turn off Sync.

On your desktop computer or PC

The process of “unsync” is very easy and straightforward:

  • Open your browser which is connected to your Gmail account.
  • Tap on the account profile which appears on the top bar.
  • Click on Sync to turn it off.

How to Stop Sharing History Between Devices on iPhone

There are several reasons why you might want to stop sharing history between devices. 

If you have multiple iOS devices, you can use iCloud to sync your browsing history, passwords, and other data across all of them. 

This is convenient for most people, but it also means that anyone with access to one of your devices can see your browsing history.

If you’re worried about this happening, there are some steps you can take to limit who sees what on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how:

Stop sharing iCloud data with specific people.

In order to stop sharing iCloud data with someone or a group of people, 

  • Head over to Settings > iCloud > scroll down and turn off iCloud Drive.
  •  You’ll still be able to share photos and other files via iCloud Drive, but not data like your browsing history, passwords, and more.

How to stop sharing contacts between iOS devices

If you have multiple iOS devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad, there’s a good chance that you’ve synced your contacts between them. 

This normally happens when the devices share the same Apple ID. This feature can be useful, but if you’re trying to keep your contacts private, it can be problematic.

Fix 1

The good news is that Apple has made it easy to stop sharing contacts between your devices. Here is how:

1. Go to the Setting on Your iPhone

2. Click on the “Apple ID username” at the top.

3. Then select “iCloud.”

4. Under iCloud, look for “Contact.”

5. And then Toggle it Off

6. In the pop-up window, select “Keep on My iPhone.”

Fix 2

1. Go to the Setting on Your iPhone

2. Click on the “Apple ID username” at the top.

3. Then select “iCloud.”

4. Scroll down and toggle off “iCloud Drive”

How to Stop Sharing Photos Between iOS Devices 

There are a few different methods for sharing photos between Apple devices. One method is to use the iCloud Photo Library, which automatically uploads and stores all of your photos and videos to Apple’s servers for convenient access across all of your devices. 

Another option is to use iCloud Photo Sharing, which lets you share albums with your friends and family. Both ways can be used simultaneously, so if you share an album using iCloud Photo Sharing, it will be stored in your iCloud Photo Library as well. 

Follow the following steps to stop sharing photos between your iOS devices.

Fix 1

1. Go to the Settings

2. Navigate to your iCloud name profile.

3. Click on the iCloud option 

4. You are going to see your Photos option. Click on it.

5. Toggle off the “Share album” first and then toggle off the “iCloud photos.”

6. In the pop-up window, tap “Remove from iPhone.” 

Fix 2

Another method, if you are using the same Apple ID

  • Then simply sign out from your other iOS devices to prevent your photo from being automatically synced on those devices.
  • This way, you can easily stop the auto syncing photos on your Apple devices.

How to Remove Devices from Your iCloud Account

Apple’s iCloud service is a great way to keep your important data backed up and synced across multiple devices. But what if you want to remove a device from your iCloud account? 

If you have several iOS devices, it can be frustrating to keep track of them all. You may want to remove a device from your iCloud account for any number of reasons. 

Removing a device from iCloud means that you’ll no longer be able to access all of the data on that particular device, including documents, photos, and more.

Here is how:

1. Go to the Setting on Your iPhone

2. Click on the name of your iCloud profile.

3. Scroll down a bit. You will see a list of all devices currently associated with your account.

4. Tap on the device name you want to remove.

5. Then click the “Remove from Account” option in red.


The best way or methods to prevent your browsing history from being shared between devices’ browsers is all explained in this post, step by step. I hope this post helps answer or fix your problem.

In case of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach us at the contact page. 

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