How to change language on Paypal


If you are looking to change your language on PayPal, In this article, I will take you through the process of how to change the language on PayPal, step by step.

I will take you through how to change the language on PayPal, both on Personal and business accounts.

How to Change Language on Your PayPal Business Account

1. Log in to your PayPal profile account.

2. From the drop-down, navigate to “account settings.”

3. Under “Account and Security” click “Account preferences”

4. Under “account preferences” Check for the “Preferred language”  section, tap “Update”

5. Click “Edit” to choose your preferred language

How to Change Language on your PayPal Personal Account

1. Log in to your personal account

2. Click the “gear” icon (Settings) on the upper right-hand corner

3. Under “Account options”, Select language 

4. Click on the drop arrow to choose your preferred language

How to verify your PayPal account

1. Sign in to your PayPal account 

2. Select “Wallet”

3. Click on “Credit card” you connected with PayPal.

4. Click “Confirm the card” 

5. Put in the code your bank app/mobile app sent it to you into your PayPal app, and select “confirm.”

6. You will receive a message that your card has been confirmed.

How to Check If PayPal account is Verified

1. Log into your account

2. Clik the link below to check whether your PayPal account is verified or not 

Link 1:

Link 2:

3. Note: 

  • If the above links send you to this message on the below screenshot, it means your account has been verified by PayPal.
  • If the link sends you over to your account balance, it means your PayPal account is not verified.

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