How to Delete Adobe account


Adobe can be used across many different platforms and devices, making it possible to store your information in the cloud. However, you may want to remove your Adobe account because you are leaving the company or have no further use for the account. 

Whatever the reason, you can delete your Adobe account using your PC or Mac computer, as well as an Android device or iPhone/iPad. Keep in mind that deleting your Adobe account will also remove all stored information associated with it, such as files, folders, and data related to specific products used with Adobe services.

One of the services offered by Adobe is an online storage service, which allows you to store pictures, documents, music and more in the cloud so you can access them from any computer that has an Internet connection. 

However, if you aren’t using these services or are no longer interested in using them, you can delete your Adobe account in just a few steps. Follow these instructions and learn how to delete your Adobe account in just minutes.

How to Delete Adobe account

1. Sign in to your adobe account (

2. Then go to “Privacy and Personal data”

3. Scroll down and select”Delete Adobe Account”

4. Then select “Continue” to the lower right of your screen.

5. Read the instruction and click “Continue” again.

6. If you have paid plan, click the “Cancel” button.

7. Then click the “Leave organization” button

8. Then agree to the deletion of your data by ticking the box.

9. Select, the “Confirm delete account” button.

10. Your request to delete the account was successfully submitted. 


  • Make sure you’ve cancelled all active subscriptions in your Adobe account before you begin the deletion process.
  • Once the account is deleted, Adobe support will not be able to recover your data. Make sure to backup all your important files.
  •  Read through the instructions given by Adobe carefully before you permanently delete your Adobe account.


How long does it take to delete my account?

It usually takes a few days to 7 days for Adobe to delete your account and send you a confirmation email, so keep checking your email inbox.

Is uninstalling Adobe the same as deleting an account?

No, When you uninstall an Adobe application from a computer, the license is not deleted. All your information is still available in the Adobe database.


This article explains how to delete an Adobe account step-by-step. All the steps are easy to follow and understand, in case you got a question concerning this article or a related topic, feel free to drop your question in the comment section below this post. 

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