How to Delete all your TikTok videos at once


Do you look for a way to remove all of your TikTok videos at once? Everything will be explained in this article! 

TikTok is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that once you upload the video to TikTok, it’s there for good.

Even if you take it down yourself, there’s always the possibility that someone else will download it and upload it somewhere else on the internet. 

An embarrassing video could turn into yet another way for people to abuse you or cause issues in your life before you know it.

Tiktok lacks any kind of auto-delete function, so if you’re looking to remove every video from your account, you’ll have to do it one by one.

How to delete all your TikTok videos at once?

If you want to delete a post, you’ll need to open the app on your phone, tap on your profile icon, then tap on a video from your account, and look for the triple-dotted menu icon on the right side. Then, select Delete from the list of options to confirm your deletion.

Tiktok will auto scroll to your next video. Repeat these steps until your complete video library has been deleted.

If you’re deleting all of your Tiktok posts, you might be better off deleting your entire account.

If you find the process of deleting videos one by one tedious or if you have a large library of videos. 

How to delete your Tiktok account

Go to the Menu icon (three dots) in the upper right corner, select > Account Management, then >select Delete Account from the list and enter your password.

The confirmation page will alert you that you’ll lose access to the videos you’ve posted and that your account will remain deactivated for 30 days before being permanently deleted from the TikTok database.

5 Reasons Your TikTok Videos May Not Be Receiving the Views They Deserve

Most people who have used TikTok know that getting views on your videos is difficult—after all, there are millions of artists vying for the same audience. 

There are, however, techniques to improve your content so that you get more views than ever before.

The poor quality of your Tiktok videos

People will avoid engaging with your brand if you have poor content on your Tiktok account. 

It is critical to invest in high-quality video equipment for the creation of high-quality videos.

The interval at which you upload your video

As any creator knows, the average time it takes to upload a video can determine how many views it receives. 

If it takes too long, people may become impatient and move on to another platform, believing your channel has nothing new to offer. 

Make sure that you post your videos on a regular basis so that people are more likely to watch your next video.

The time it takes you to prepare your content

If you’re making video content, keep in mind that it’s typically more difficult to make than other kinds of content. 

If you try to be a jack-of-all-trades and handle everything yourself, you may find that just getting your video prepared and uploaded takes a long time.

The length of your video

Don’t skimp on time if you want to make a high-quality video. If your videos are too short (under 60 seconds), visitors may not be able to watch them all the way through and experience what you’ve made. This can make them dull, which can reduce your views.

The number of hashtags you use in your video’s caption

Hashtags help others discover your video more easily, but they can also reduce interaction. 

As a general guideline, use as few hashtags as possible.

A few well-chosen hashtags can be more successful than a large number of hashtags applied at random. 

We recommend evaluating your strategy if you use more than 5–10 hashtags in a caption.


This article explains how you can delete all your TikTok videos at once. The steps are easy to follow and understand.

I have also the reason why one maybe gets low views on Tiktok. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section below this post. 

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