How to delete Depop account


Depop is a social fashion marketplace that resembles eBay and Rakuten. Depop became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Etsy in 2021.

Deleting a Depop account can be a hectic and confusing process for first-timers due to the process involved and the time it takes. 

However, in this post, I will be going to explain and show you the easiest steps to delete your Depop account.

Steps to Deleting Your Depop Account

 Step 1 Email Request

Sending an email requesting the closure of your account to the Depop support team.


Subject: Request to delete the account

Body of email: Write reasons for deleting your account. Include your Depop account username for easy tracking.

After your request, Depop Account will send you an email informing you that deactivating your account may take up to a week.

In the week or so after your email request for account closure, Depop Team support will send you a confirmation email that your account has been deleted.

Step 2: Requesting through Website 

Your Depop account deletion can also be done through their website by visiting this link:

You will be redirected to the SUBMIT request page after clicking the above URL. Then fill out your account information to access your account.

Depop delete request

First enter your Email address associated with the Depop account, Subject: Request to Delete the Account, and in the description section, write the reason for your account closure and click submit.

How to change Depop Username

1 Log in to your Depop Account

2 Select “Settings” (with the Gear Icon)

3 Click on Profile

4 Type in Your username

5 Then Tap to save your changes

Kindly Note:

  • Your username should be more than three characters long
  • No use of special characters like “&#@*!” spaces and symbols
  • Choose unique username always 
  • wait for 30 days before you make another change

Unable to change the Depop username?

If you face any issues while changing your username in your Depop app, follow the following steps to fix that:

1. Go to the “Account issues” section on your Depop app

2. Submit a “Request”

3. Select query “I want to change username”

4. Use the following – the email linked to your Depop account, Your current Depop username and the username you want to change to.

5. Submit the request

6. Depop support team will get back to you shortly.

How to edit Depop Account details

1. Navigate to your “account profile”

2. Go to “Setting” (Gear Icon)

3. Select “Account”

4. Go to “Profile”

5. Edit Your details: username, about me, pictures etc

6. Click “Save”

How to Stay Safe on Depop while Buying

1. Always use the official Depop app while making any kind of purchase, do not accept any transaction out of the official Depop platform, Depop will be responsible for your “Buyer protection right”.

2. Items Trade – it is very tricky to do safe trading between the buyers as Depop do not offer Buyer protection on such kind of trade.

3. Do not trade with a User who does Dropshipping and does not own the product, Depop has banned dropshipping and will not be responsible for any damage caused.


How long does it take to delete the DepoP account?

On average, it takes up to 7 days for Depop support to delete your account.

Can I delete the Depop account on my own?

No, you cannot delete your Depop account on your own; instead, you must write an email requesting that your account be deleted.

Can I open two Depop accounts?

You can’t have two accounts open at the same time without having one of them deleted.

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