How to delete messages on indeed


At the present moment, job seekers do not have access to the function of deleting messages from their Indeed account. You can’t erase employer communications from your Indeed account using any kind of browser.

However, you can archive them by following the following steps.

How to archive Indeed messages?

The steps below will walk you through the process of archiving your employer’s messages.

1. Log in to your Indeed profile.

2. Go to your Messages folder.

3. Choose the message you’d like to archive.

4. Click the three dots in the top-right corner.

5. Select “Archive.”

How to restore archived messages

  1. Next to the inbox, click the dropdown arrow.
  2. Select Archive.
  3. Select the message you would like to restore.
  4. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Select Restore.

How to delete saved jobs in Indeed

  1. Click on your account portal.

    2. Select my Jobs

   3. Under my saved jobs, click the “x” in the far right-hand corner to delete them.

How to Delete Indeed account

1. Go to your account portal.

2. Choose the Account option.

3. Choose  “close my account” in red

4. Select reasons for the account’s deletion 

5. Click “Close my account.”

6. Indeed will confirm and process your account data deletion request.


How to edit messages on Indeed?

Go to the applicant you want to contact and select Send Message. Select the template you want to edit under New Message. Edit the message, then save it as a template by clicking the “Save as template” option beneath the message box.

How to reset Indeed assessments

To maintain the integrity of the examinations, Indeed does not currently allow applicants to retake assessments. All assessment scores are valid for six months, and you will be able to retake the test if an employer requests it after that period.

How do I know whether my Indeed assessment was successful?

You will find your scores on the Indeed Employer Dashboard’s Candidates section.

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