How to Delete Minehut Server(In 5 Steps)

How to delete Minehut server(In 5 Steps)

While it’s easy to set up your own Minecraft server, the hardest part is maintaining it, as you will have to solve any possible issue that occurs on your server yourself. 

But don’t worry, I am here to help you with that! Here are some useful tips to follow so you can delete your Minecraft server and remove it from our systems.

How to delete Minehut server

1. Go to your

2. On your Minehut Dashboard, Select “stop the server” first

3. Then Go to the “Danger zone”

4. On the far right, click “Reset Server”

5. Tap “Yes” to delete all your files (this process cannot be undone)

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6. Check your server status to confirm the deletion.

How to create a free Minehut account

1. Go to

2. Click “Get started”

3. Tap on the “Don’t have an account” option at bottom of the login portal.

4. Enter your “email” address and the “date of birth”

5. Confirm your email through the “verification code” to your email inbox.

6. Set password and tap continue.

7. Account is created successfully.

How to reset your world

1. Navigate to your dashboard

2. Tap on “Danger zone”

3. Click to “reset your server”

4. Go and select “World settings”

5. Click “Reset” then “restart your server”

How to get Minecraft servers on Minehut

1. Go to your account

2. Click to show a drop-down

3. Select “Create server” from the drop-down

4. On the prompt pop-up, select the number of servers you want to purchase.

5. Key in the name of your server

6. Click to “create the server.”

Kindly note: You will need to have enough credits in your account to purchase the Minecraft servers

How to ban people on Minehut

When in-game on your Minehut server and a player broke a rule, you can ban that player from your Minehut server.

  • Type in the Kick command, followed by the player’s name
  • Hit enter, to kick the player out of your game
  • The player disappears immediately. 

How to white on Minehut server

  • Go to your
  • Navigate to “Apperance”
  • Check “server visibility”
  • Tap on the “Not visible” tab
  • Click “save”


This article will solve several queries related to the Minehut server, all done in an easy to follow steps for a beginner, in case there’s a part that is not clear to you, drop your question in the comment section under this post.

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