How to Delete Pearson account


With all the different learning management systems available, it can be hard to keep track of all your login information! I have put together this step-by-step guide that will take you through everything you need to do to delete your Pearson account and all the content associated with it.

No one likes the idea of their data lingering around somewhere, so when you’re done with your Pearson account, you might want to know how to delete it. I will guide you through all those steps, so read on to find out how to delete your Pearson account for good!

How to delete Pearson account

1. Log in to your Pearson account

2. On your left side of the screen, under the “Setup”

3. Click “Select action.

4. From the drop-down list, go to “Users.”

5. Search for the user’s name in the search field.

6. Tick the checkbox next to “User.”

7. Where it says, “Select Task,” click on it.

8. From the drop-down, select the “Delete/Restore Users” tab.

9. Then click the “Start” button.

10. To confirm your choice, tick the box next to the user.

11. Then click the “Delete/Restore” button to delete your Pearson account permanently.

How to Create  Pearson PTE Account

1. Go to this Link:

2. Enter your information precisely:

  • Your Username
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Your country of residence
  • Your email
  • Password

3. Click the “Next” button below the page.

4. Agree to all of the following policies: (Checkmark the checkbox against the lists below )

  • Privacy policy
  • Communication Consent 
  • Age of consent
  • Research Consent

5. Then click the “Register Account” button.

How To Pass The Pearson PTE Test

The Pearson PTE Academic exam tests your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to get your teacher’s license or teach English abroad.

The Pearson PTE exam can be an intimidating test to take, especially if you don’t have much experience taking standardized tests in English. Still, getting through the Pearson PTE and putting it behind you can lead to great job opportunities, so you’ll want to do well on it regardless of your previous test-taking experience. Here are eight tips that will help you pass your Pearson PTE!

1. Prepare as Much as Possible

The best strategy for passing a test is to study as much as possible beforehand. While you should take several practice tests before your actual exam, it’s also important that you go over each section of your textbook and review practice materials so that you have a full understanding of everything that could be covered on the actual exam.

2. Determine your goal.

People take language tests for different reasons. Some are looking for a new career, others are hoping to travel and have more freedom. But no matter what your purpose is, having a solid grasp on what you want out of a new language will help make test-taking feel much less daunting and uncertain.

3. Use all of your Free Trial Time Wisely

It’s important to use your time effectively when preparing for a test. This means using all of your free trial time, so you can truly assess what works best for you. Don’t waste time studying things that are irrelevant or that don’t work well for you. 

4. Take Practice Tests

The best way to truly get a feel for what test day will be like is by taking practice tests. This allows you to take one full-length practice test in each format and get used to answering questions on the screen.

5. Take full-Length Practice Tests

Take as many full-length practice tests as you can. The only way to truly master and internalize an exam is to take it, so if you are familiar with how it’s formatted and what kinds of questions are on it, you will be more likely to succeed on test day.

6. Master Grammar and Vocabulary

You’ll be tested on both grammar and vocabulary, so it’s important to make sure you know how to use them correctly. The use of small words and grammatical errors can actually distract from your message when you’re writing for business.

7. Watch for Study Materials you can Afford

Remember, you don’t have to pay for study materials, whether digital or physical. Your local library may offer a selection of self-help books that can help you pass any standardized test.

8. Focus on Your Weak Areas

Many people take an English test and score well in every part except for grammar, spelling, or some other aspect of the language. To pass a test like the Pearson PTE, you must spend extra time studying these weak areas. 


This article explains how to delete your Pearson account and other related areas to the Pearson topic. Everything is explained in simple language and easy-to-understand steps. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below this post.

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