How to Delete pictures on Discord(In 5 Steps)

How to Delete pictures on Discord

You can delete any file on Discord or even delete your entire account on this app, but it’s not easy to find out how to do so. There isn’t an obvious link to do it, and you can’t just press the delete button in the same way you would with a normal app on your phone or computer.

Discord doesn’t give you an easy way to delete all your uploaded pictures at once, but this will help you delete them in bulk! To do so, follow these steps.

We will be going over how to delete your picture from Discord’s servers, both desktop, and mobile platforms.

How to Delete Your Pictures on Discord

1. Access your Discord account.

2. Go to the channel where you want to delete photos.

3. Locate the photos you want to delete on Channel

4. Place a cursor on the photo, on the three horizontal dots (…) displayed, and click on it.

5. Select the “Delete” option.

How to Delete Pictures You Sent on Discord

1. In case you post the image accidentally,

2. Log in to your Discord account.

3. Locate the image, 

4. Hold down around your discord name, 

5. A window will pop up, with the delete option on it.

6. Click “Delete”

How to Delete Messages on Discord

1. Launch the Discord app.

2. Click on the “hamburger” menu (3 horizontal lines).

3. Under “Direct Message,” select the conversation you want to delete.

4. “Tap and hold” on the message text you want to delete.

5. A Pop-up window with a delete option will show up.

6. Select the “Delete” option.

How to Delete Message on Discord Channel

1. Go to your Discord account.

2. Click on the “Hamburger menu” on the left side of your screen.

3. Select the “Server” which hosts the channel you want to delete the message from.

4. Then select the channel.

5. In the search bar, look up “your username” and click “enter.”

6. This will display all the messages you sent to the channel. 

7. Select the particular one you want to delete

8. Tap on it and hold. This will display a pop-up window with a “Delete” option.

9. Select “Delete.”

How to Create a Paid Discord Community

  • Make a Discord server for yourself.
  • Connect your LaunchPass account to your Discord.
  • Start your trial by activating your account.
  • Connect your bank account to Discord, to get the payments from your community members.
  • Make a premium Discord server, publish it, and share it.

How much does it cost to use Discord?

The Discord platform is free to download and use across Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone operating systems.

Best Reasons to Use Discord App

Discord has been rising in popularity over the past few years, and some might argue that it’s taking over the voice chat scene.

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat that also serves as a platform for gamers to communicate with each other by creating their own servers, groups, and channels. 

With features such as screen sharing and remote control, Discord can help you dominate your games even when you’re miles apart from your teammates. 

And with its free browser app, Discord makes it easy to stay connected with your team anytime, anywhere. 

Read on to find out why Discord may be the best voice and text chat app in the market today!

1. Keep in touch with friends

If you have friends that play games, using a voice chat app like Discord means you can talk with them as you play. 

If a game has a built-in voice chat, there’s probably no reason to download something else if your friends already have it.

2. Stay up-to-date with your favorite communities

Modern web-based chat apps like Slack, Telegram, and Discord allow you to sign in through your browser and stay up-to-date with your favorite communities. 

There are plenty of video game communities that make their home on these platforms, but you’ll also find people talking about everything from current events to creative hobbies.

3. Have fun, meet new people

The most basic reasons for using a text or voice chat application are fun and connection. 

People have found success in making friends and finding romantic partners on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit—so it only makes sense that you’d be able to do so on an app dedicated entirely to chatting with people. 

Discords of all types are popping up everywhere because people love hanging out with their friends and talking about video games or their favorite television shows together. It’s human nature!

4. Play games with friends

There are literally thousands of games you can play with your friends on a wide range of platforms: Xbox, Playstation, PC, Mac. And don’t forget tabletop games like poker and Monopoly. Even board game apps allow you to play classic board games with people all over the world. 

All of these options encourage conversation, which encourages bonding—and no matter how far apart you live from your friends, you can always count on a friendly game night for a good laugh and some quality time together.

5. Use bots and scripts

Bots and scripts can free up your time by automating certain tasks. If you’re looking for ways to automate your marketing efforts, you should take a look at these bots and scripts.

Make sure you know how they work before setting them loose on your site, though!

Depending on what kind of bot or script you’re using, there could be some unintended consequences if it’s not configured correctly.

6. Compete in tournaments, win prizes, and more

One of my favorite ways to play is through online gaming tournaments. 

Game Tournaments offer a variety of choices for competitive gamers: team games, first-person shooters, multiplayer battle arena games (like League of Legends), real-time strategy games (like StarCraft II), and even virtual sports leagues. 

Of course, one big bonus to playing in a tournament is that you can win prizes.

7. Lots of privacy settings!

No matter what kind of conversation you’re having, make sure it stays between you and your intended audience by using privacy settings.

8. Personalize your experience however you like!

There are millions of people using Discord and tens of thousands of different communities for every hobby, interest, and passion. 

You can personalize your experience by making your own server, joining or creating communities based on your interests, sharing channels with friends in voice chat, or adding emojis anywhere you want.

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