How to Delete someone’s else Tweet


Twitter allows you to delete your own tweets at any time, but there’s no official way to remove someone else’s tweet from your timeline. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get rid of unwanted tweets—you just need to find an alternate solution.

Here are several ways you can accomplish the task, depending on how important the deleted tweet is to you and how willing you are to take extra steps to ensure it disappears.

How to delete someone’s else tweet

1. Reply’s tweet

Once you reply to someone else’s tweet, it shows up in your followers’ timelines. 

You can delete your reply if you change your mind about replying or accidentally post something that shouldn’t be shared. 

To delete a reply, click Reply and then click on Actions (the … icon). Click Delete from the thread, and then confirm that you want to delete it. 

On mobile devices, tap More > Options > Edit Tweet > Delete from Thread.

2. Block the user.

If someone has decided they want to waste their time harassing you, it’s probably best not to encourage that sort of behavior. Twitter users can block any user who is giving them a hard time. To prevent that person from seeing your tweets or reading your timeline, 

Click on their username and then click Block User (you can also block more than one account at a time). 

If you ever decide you no longer want them blocked, just go into your blocking settings and remove them from your list.

3. Report a violation.

When you’re viewing someone else’s tweet, tap or click on “Report.” In your report, specify why you think it violates Twitter rules (there are a number of options) and then provide your email address so Twitter can reach out to you if it needs more information from you.

Make sure to select Add Photo/Video. As a last step, attach any photos or videos that could be used to help with the investigation of violations, such as nudity or violence.

4. Request removal

The quickest way to remove content from Twitter is by submitting a request to Twitter Support. 

This process is free and will require you to provide your full name, email address, and a link to the tweet that you want to be removed. 

You’ll receive an email once they review your submission, which can take up to 72 hours, but usually takes less time than that.

5. Unfriend and block the user.

You may be surprised at how often you encounter inappropriate content on Twitter. 

Tweets are public—anyone can see them—and some people take advantage of that fact by tweeting things they shouldn’t.

If a person tweets something offensive, don’t reply. Report them to Twitter support.

6. Remove them from your list.

The easiest way to ensure you won’t see that person’s tweets is simply to remove them from your list. If you feel there may be a chance for reconciliation in the future, leave them on your list and follow them again when you feel ready. You could also choose not to block or mute someone but still unfollow them.

7. Change the privacy settings on your account.

Twitter has three levels of privacy settings: public, protected, and private. 

Public tweets – Anyone can read public tweets. 

Protected tweets- are seen only by followers; any “tweep” who follows you can be able to access them. 

Private tweets – are visible only by you, even if you share a tweet publicly from your account. Any user with a Twitter account can change his or her privacy settings at any time.

How to Delete a Tweet

  1. Go to your Twitter profile account.
  2. On your timeline, locate the tweet you want to delete.
  3. Click on the three horizontal dots (…) on the far right. 
  4. Select “Delete” as shown in red.
  5. Deletion is successful.

How to Deactivate Twitter account

If you decide that you don’t want a Twitter account anymore, or it’s been hacked and spewing random nonsense, then no need to worry. 

You can get rid of your account in just a few clicks. 

  • First, go to Settings and privacy (gear icon) from your profile page.
  • Then select Deactivate my account.
  • Enter a reason for leaving Twitter and click Deactivate Account

How to Get the Verified Badge on Twitter

Go to this link (

Then click “Request a badge.” Answer a series of questions, fill out your website URL, and attach a cover photo to your profile. After you submit your request, Twitter will review it and send you an email if your profile has been approved. 

If not, you can resubmit an application at a later time.

Who can get verified on Twitter?

Currently, verification badges are only available for well-known figures, brands, and organizations. Generally speaking, anyone with a high level of public visibility can qualify. If you’re already an A-lister—be it a brand ambassador or otherwise—then applying should be pretty straightforward. 

For everyone else, start building your presence on Twitter before you apply. The more engagement you have with your audience (retweets, replies, mentions), the more seriously they’ll take your application.

The benefits of being verified on Twitter

The verified badge might seem trivial, but it actually shows other users that you’re who you say you are. 

It gives your account additional credibility and promotes trust. With verification comes an increase in followers, which leads to more exposure for your business or brand. 

Not only that but if you have a personal account and want to start a business account, verification can be used as proof of identity.


This article gives ways on how to delete someone else’s tweet. Although it is literally impossible to delete another person’s tweet, I have explained all the possible ways to get someone else’s tweet down. All the steps are within Twitter’s legal framework.

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