How to Delete Textfree Account

In this post, I will show you step-by-step how to delete the Textfree account.

Textfree is an app that allows you to get your own personal number and where you can send texts and make phone calls from it.

1. Open the app and tap on the icon

2. Scroll down and click the Help button

3. After that, click “Deactivate account.”

4. Click on deactivate again

5. Give reason for account deletion

 6. And click “Deactivate account” button to confirm.

How to trace number from Textfree app

At this time, the TextFree number cannot be easily traced. This is due to the fact that the phone numbers created by these apps are only temporary, and their database is constantly changing and assigning new ones.

If you still can’t figure out who is texting you after contacting them, your best option might be to send a message to Pinger

Pinger-Is a service system that allows the user to block any unwanted text messages coming to their phone. 

It’s possible to tell the system administrators if you get harassing or intimidating messages through their online customer service system.

Contact the help desk on the Textfree app and request that they block any number that sends you unwanted messages or harassment.


Can an anonymous text app be traced?

No, especially if the text app operates in a country with no data retention law. It’s very hard for even the police or government officials to follow such a number or app.

How to send someone a message anonymously?

If you want to send someone a message to their phone, make it anonymous. Simply sign up for a free anonymous text messaging platform such as Textfree or Textnow, which allows you to send a call anonymously by signing up with a random number on the free app.

How to trace someone who sends me a message on a free number?

To trace a phone number that sends you text messages anonymously, go to, enter the number you want to look up, and then click search.

How to find out who texted you on Kubool?

Messages sent from Kubool are anonymously sent and cannot be traced back to the original sender.

How to know if the phone number is from a text free app?

If you tried to call the number and it was frequently disconnected, that suggests such phones are fake, probably generated by free text apps and platforms.


This article gives you a guide on how to delete a text free app and also how to trace text free messages. The guide is easily followed, step-by-step, with pictorial guidelines. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to reach out to Techie Pack through the comment section below this post.

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