How to Delete ​your address in the DoorDash iPhone app

You must first add a new address to your DoorDash account before you can delete an existing one. After you’ve added a new address, you’ll see the delete option.

On your phone, open the DoorDash app.

Follow a step by step below

1. Tap on the Account icon 

2. On the third option from the top, select Address

3. Tap the Pencil icon of the address you want to delete on the right-hand corner.

 Note: Your default (primary) address is highlighted in red.

           The other address is shown in greyed color.

4. Select the Trash icon that appears in the top right corner of the screen. 

(Please keep in mind that you cannot delete the default address, which is highlighted in red.)

5. The address will disappear. The deletion was successful.

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