How to Fix Payment Revision Needed on Amazon in 5 Ways(2022)

How to Fix Payment Revision Needed on Amazon in 5 Ways

Amazon is a great place to buy all kinds of things, from clothes, electronics, books, furniture, etc online, But it can be sometimes frustrating with your payments are declined by Amazon.

Amazon takes credit and debit card payments, but there are times when it simply won’t accept them for some reason I will going to list them in this post. 

The problem is that sometimes this happens and you have no idea why and how to fix it.

In this post, we will go over how to solve the Payment revision needed on Amazon.

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How to Fix Amazon Payment revision needed

What is Amazon Payment Revision?

The term “payment revision” refers to any payment change made to an existing Amazon order. 

This can happen when for a number of reasons:

  • Maybe you exceeded your credit card limit.
  • Maybe you have entered incorrect credit card details, like billing address, CVV number, expiration dates, etc.
  • Maybe your purchase exceeds your normal spending range, some banks decline transactions if they suspect malicious activity.
  • Maybe you do not have enough amount in your Bank account.

How to Fix Payment Revision Needed On Amazon

Amazon sellers are not responsible for these types of payment revisions instead, the customer will be responsible for correcting their payment details before placing the order.

1. Use a Different Card for your Account

If you got an error Payment revision is needed, try adding a different payment method or credit card:

1. On the top right card corner, click on Account and List, then select Account from the dropdown.

2. Choose “Your Payments” from the displayed list.

3. Click on “Add New Payment Method” and then enter your card information (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

4. Make sure you have enough funds in your account before attempting to make a purchase.

2. Check that you Entered the Correct Billing Address, Cvv, and expiration dates

You can check if the details of the payments are correct by:

  • Go into the top right card corner, click on Account and List,
  • then select Account from the dropdown.
  • Choose “Your Payments” from the displayed list.
  • Then Click on your card, click Edit, and check and counter-check if the all details are correct, for example, Billing address, CVV number, Expiration date, Name on card, Card number, etc.

3. Get Help From the Amazon Support Team

In some rare cases, this problem can emanate from the Amazon side and especially if you feel the cause of needed revision is not from the ones we stated in this post,

then seeking Amazon support may help you solve the issues and complete your orders.

4. Contact Bank Customer Support

In case the issue is caused by the credit limit on your card, you can simply contact the Bank support team, explain to them your concerns/issues, and have them raise your card limit if necessary. 

The bank will help you solve issues if Amazon may incorrectly flag down your transaction as fraudulent.

5. Top Up your Bank Account Balance

If your Payment revision needed issues are caused by an insufficient amount in your bank account, you can simply solve this by topping up the balance for the required amount.

Once you have enough amount for the transaction to take place, go ahead and complete your order with amazon. 

6. Make Payments within the Normal Spending Range

Your Bank may estimate your normal spending range and if they suspect an abnormal spending range they may decline your transactions.

For example, if out of the blue your Amazon spending started going into thousands of dollars within a short period of time, they may send a signal that suspicious activity is going on with your Account and decline the transactions for safety purposes. 

How to Revise a Payment on Amazon

1. Log in to your Amazon account.

2. Then Navigate to the Your Orders section

3. Identify the order for which you received the payment revision required notification.

4. Click Retry Payment Method.

5. Choose the payment option you want to use.

6. Once you have decided on a new payment option, click Continue.

7. And Complete your order.


What is Payment Revision Needed on Amazon?

Amazon will request Payment revision when your selected payment method did not successfully make a transaction due the either:

  • You exceeded your credit card limit.
  • You have entered incorrect credit card details.
  •  Your purchase exceeds your normal spending range.
  •  You do not have enough amount in your Bank account.

How to solve Amazon Payment Revision needed?

You can solve the payment revision needed error by simply:

  • Use a Different Card for your Account
  • Check that you entered the correct payment details.
  • Top up your bank account balance in case of insufficiency.
  • Contact Amazon support for help.
  • Contact bank support for help

What is Payment Revision on Amazon?

The term “payment revision” on Amazon refers to any change made to an existing or ongoing amazon order after the decline of the payment.

This can happen when a customer makes a mistake in their payment information and other issues discussed in this post.

How long does Amazon give you to revise payment?

To revise your declined payment Amazon gives you 1 hour or 60 Minutes from the time you placed the order.

So make sure you revised your payment with one house from the time the payment was rejected.


I hope this article has helped you answer why Amazon says Payment revision is needed and how to fix them.

All the processes are in a step by step and easy to understand, in case of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out on the contact page.

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