How to fix Random Audio Files Playing On Android Phone

How to fix Random Audio Files Playing On Android Phone: Every now and then, you might hear that your Android phone is playing random audio files when it hasn’t been used for some time or when no one has touched it for some time. 

You won’t really know what to do when this happens, and many people think that their phone has started acting upon them.

I will be discussing how to go about solving this problem, as well as what can be done to prevent random audio files from playing on your phone in the future, among other things.

Solve Random Audio Files Playing On Android Phone

1. Clear Storage & Cache in App

Go to your browser apps such as chrome, firefox, or bing

Go to the app settings and select “app information.”

In the app info (browser), go to storage and cache.

Clear both the storage and the cache.

2. Remove the third-party (unofficial) app.

Any app on your phone that isn’t from the Google Play Store may play random sounds in the background. Uninstall such applications from your phone and see if the problem is solved.

3. Run Du speed booster for android (Cleaner)

Look for a cleaning app and install the one with the most positive reviews. Once you’ve found one, download it and run it on your phone.

Some users have found this to solve the problem of random audio play. 

4. Uninstall call blocking Apps

If you have a call-blocking app installed on your Android device, there’s a high chance it’s causing your phone to play random audio files.

Uninstall all the apps and restart your phone. Some Android users have found this to solve the problem.

5. Google news app

If you have installed the Google News app on your Android phone, clear its data or even uninstall it. The app may play some random videos in the background.

6. Uninstall Pandora Music App 

If you have the Pandora app installed on your phone, uninstall it and see if the problem is fixed. 

7. Unistall Anti-malware/Anti-virus apps

Most of the applications that are designed to protect malware and viruses on your phone might involve random audio play, especially if you install the apps from untrusted third-party sites.

It’s always advisable to get your app from the Google Play store.

8. Prevent your Browser from running in the background

Most of the random audio play may be as a result of the ads playing in the background in your app browser, such as Google Chrome.

9. Reset your phone to factory settings

If the problem occurs again and you have exhausted all possible solutions, you may consider doing a factory reset on your phone.

Back up all your important files and erase all the data from the phone. 

How to Fix No Sound Issues on Videos on Android

A lot of people are having a good android smartphone and a load of videos in-store. However, you can’t hear any audio when you try to play them. 

In this section, we have a few solutions, on how to fix those problems. 

But first, let’s check the possible role reasons why this may happen when it comes to video playback and also concern streaming online videos. 

Reason for sound issues on Android Phone

1. The Android phone operating system may be outdated. try updating the OS.

2. Second, they could be a network coverage issue. 

3. It could be a damaged video file or an outdated video player when it comes to playback of locally stored video files. check out your video player, because very often the issues are caused by corrupted files or outdated player.

Reason for Sound issues on Recorded Videos

  • Corrupted video file
  • Outdated video player
  • Codec issues
  • Cached data problems.

How to Fix Video Playback Sound Problem On Android

1. The most basic troubleshooting procedure is to make a reboot, to do that simply press and old, the power button on your phone and choose restart then check if it can now play the sound from a video.

2. Check whether the Do not disturb feature is on, This feature is going to put your smartphone into silence. you won’t be able to watch your favorite videos with sound,

In this case, simply swipe down to bring the notification tray and disable do not disturb

Now. Go back to the media player and check if your videos or playing sounds.

3. Disconnect the Bluetooth speaker or headphone, if you’re still not hearing sound from your video on your smartphone, swipe down to bring the notification tray again and

make sure that there aren’t any connected to wireless speakers or headphones, because very often your film gets connected to wireless audio outputs, and if that’s the case,

it’s normal, that the spot for the speaker is not to reproduce any sound.


I hope this post has helped you solve your problems or queries, are the steps in this post are easy to follow and understand. In case of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach on our contact page.

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