How to Install TV Kings on Firestick(In 7 Steps)

How to install TV Kings on Firestick: TV Kings is an interactive online entertainment platform that offers high-quality content to its viewers with over 7000+ channels available.

The channel will provide you with a mix of blockbuster movies, award-winning TV shows, reality shows, and other great content that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

TV Kings is a new TV app that brings together all the best shows from around the world for free. The app has a large collection of series and movies, with thousands of titles available to stream right now. 

If you are looking for new shows to watch, this is one of the best apps out there right now.

TV Kings offers users access to hundreds of different streaming channels. These include everything from sports and news to comedy and drama-all without having to pay anything extra.

The app’s interface is simple to use and easy to navigate through. It also has an easy-to-use search feature, so you can easily find something interesting to watch right away.

It is not just any ordinary movie channel, it is much more than that!

In this post, we will go over how to install TV Kings on Firestick. Let’s get started!

How to Install TV Kings on Firestick

What you need to have to install TV Kings on Firestick:

  • You need to install a third-party app on Firestick
  • The third app is called the “Downloader app”
  • Also, make sure you have a strong WiFi network.

Before installing the Downloader app, you need first to allow a third app to be installed on your Firestick.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Settings option.

2. Navigate to the Developers section

3. Under the Developer section, Click to Turn On, “Allow app from unknown source”

4. Also turn on ADB debugging option.

Once you are done with Step 4 above, it is now time to install the “Downloader app” in order to be able to install the TV King on Firestick.

Let’s get started:

1. On your Firestick home screen, click on the Search bar or where it says “Find”

2. Type in Downloader App by using the on-screen keyboard.

3. Select the First option where it says “Downloader App”

4. To install the Downloader app on your Firestick, click the install button.

5. Once your installation is complete, head back to your home screen again.

6. Open the Downloader App and Enter your TV King Download code, as shown below

(It will automatically download TV King to your fire stick so don’t do anything else just give it a second to do what it’s doing is going to navigate to the website it’s going to pull it in it’s going to download)

7. It will be downloaded, once it is done, click the Install button. (Also follow the guideline in this pop-up window)

8. Enter your username and password, then you’re going to click sign in, allow through TV Kings to access photos and media files on your device you are going to hit allow. 

9. You are now good to go and enjoy your TV King.

Features of TV Kings

TV Kings has some great features that make it stand out from other similar streaming apps on the market today. Some of these include:

  • The ability to search for specific types of content in addition to searching by title or genre
  • A section dedicated specifically to kids’ shows and cartoons lets you browse through your favorite characters from popular cartoons.
  • 7000+ channels are available.
  • Its interface is simple to use and easy to navigate around.

How to Install TV Kings App on Fire TV

The download process is almost similar to the Firestick discussed above, in case you are not getting some of the steps here, refer to the above section.

1. To download the TV Kings App, navigate to the “Downloader” app on your Firestick.

2. The TV King app may be found on your Fire TV device by going to Home > Your Apps and then Channels.

3. On your remote, press the Home button. Scroll down to “Your Apps & Channels.”

4. In the “Your Apps & Channels” section. Scroll to the right until you come across an application called “Downloader.”

NB: If don’t have Downloader installed, Follow the above steps in this post

5. When you have Downloader open. Click the “Enter a URL or code”  in the box to download and install it.

6. When the installation is finished, press the “Home” button on your remote. 

Scroll down to the tab section “Your Apps & Channels.”  then Scroll to the far left and click the “See All” tab.

What Makes TV King stand out?

TV Kings app has many features that make it stand out from other streaming apps in its category. 

For one thing, it offers live streams of games that are not available on television or cable channels. 

Additionally, it provides you with a great selection of channels that include ESPN and NBC Sports Network (NBCSN). 

It also includes several other sports networks like NBA TV and MLB Network that are typically not broadcasted by other services.


Is TV King app free?

No, TV King is a premium subscription plan where you have to pay a $20 per month plan to access all the channels available in the TV King apps or platform, however, you can still register and enjoy the free 24 hr period trials.

What is the Subscription cost for TV King?

Tv king has the following Pricing plan models, $20 per month for 1 device, $25 per month for 2 devices, $30 per month for 3 devices, and $35 per month for up to 4 devices connection.

Is TV King legal

Yes, The content distribution or streaming by TV king is legal and you should not about breaking any kind of copyright laws.

It’s a legal service because the content is streamed through an external link.

Is TV King premium worth it?

Yes, it is worth it, TV King Premium is a paid service that gives you access to over 7000+ channels. The service costs $20 a month for 1 device, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a way to get your favorite shows without paying more for the cable network. The best thing about TV King is that it offers free trials on all its packages, so you can test them out before you subscribe. 

Are NFL games available on TV King?

Yes, TV Kings is an excellent way to watch all your favorite sports, including NFL games. You can watch live games and replays with this app. 

You will be able to watch every game of the season on demand with the TV Kings app easily, without having to wait for it to air on cable television.

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I hope this post has helped you install Tv King on Firestick, all the steps in this post are easy to follow with a pictorial guide.

In case of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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