How To Make Find My iPhone Say No Location Found [In 4 Steps]


Looking for how to make Find My iPhone say No Location Found? This article will explain how to get Find My iPhone to stop saying your phone is not there and to make it say no location found. Have you ever wanted to put your iPhone in a safe place but didn’t want anyone to know your location? This blog post will tell you how to do that. Keep reading.

How To Make Find My iPhone Say No Location Found

If you want to make sure your iPhone device is in a safe place but don’t want friends to see its location on the map, you can easily achieve that by following the below few steps.

How To Set Up Find My iPhone To Say No Location Found, simply:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on “iCloud.”

3. Tap “Find My iPhone.”

4. On the Find My iPhone tab, click Toggle off.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

If you don’t want to use the Find My iPhone feature for whatever reason, that’s fine. You can easily turn off the service on any iOS device by following the below easy steps:

1. Go to the Settings Icon

2. Scroll down and click on the iCloud option.

3. Tap on the Find My iPhone tab.

4. Tap toggle off “Find My iPhone” (this action will require you to enter your passcode).

How to Fix Find my iPhone Online Not Sharing Location

Find My iPhone is a useful feature that comes with your iOS device. 

It allows you to track your device if it gets lost or stolen. You can also use this feature to lock the device or erase all the data on it remotely.

However, sometimes users face issues while trying to use Find My iPhone online. If you’re facing this issue, check out our guide below:

Fix 1

To begin with, make sure that the Find My iPhone feature is enabled on your iPhone device. 

To do this: 

  • Open Settings > iCloud Find My iPhone and make sure it’s set to On. 
  • If it is not set to On, tap the slider next or toggle on to Find My iPhone so that it turns green. 

Fix 2

Make sure that you have a good internet connection on your iOS device.

If you are having trouble sharing your location on your iPhone or iPad, then the first thing that you should do is make sure that you have a good internet connection. 

For the best results, connect through strong Wi-Fi or have cellular data at 4 or 5G.


If your device doesn’t show up online, even after you have enabled cellular data,

Make sure that you go into settings, cellular data, and under the Find My iPhone section, make sure that you allow Find My iPhone services to use your cellular data. 

This is very important and most times people miss this, and therefore they do not have their device online in Find my iPhone.

Fix 3

Check if there is no iCloud account linked with your device.

  • If there is no iCloud account linked with your device, and if it has been stolen by someone else, then it will not be possible for them to locate it using the Find My iPhone app.
  • If you have multiple devices registered with iCloud, make sure that you are signed in to the right account on the app or website. If not, sign out of the wrong account and then sign in again with the correct one.

How To Fix GPS Not Working On iPhone

The GPS on your iPhone is a useful tool to have when you are travelling or just moving around the town. 

It can greatly help you get directions, find nearby businesses, and hotels, track your speed, and much more. 

If you are having trouble using the GPS app, here are some tips to help fix it.

1. Make sure your location is turned on in your phone settings. Go into your settings, scroll down until you get into privacy, and then right up top, you will see a little toggle that says location services. Click on location services right there and make sure this toggle is on.

2. Upgrade your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update and clicking on it to download and install the most recent version.

3. Reset all settings on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset (this will delete all of your data), and then enter your passcode.

This should solve any problems or issues with a GPS signal being off or not working correctly on your iPhone or iPad device.

4. You can also restart your iPhone or iPad device for a quick fix.

5. Make sure you’re in a location that supports GPS location services, Not every single place in the world supports location services. 

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, if you’re like in the middle of a wooded area or the middle of a desert, there can be issues. Sometimes it may not work perfectly.


All the steps in this blog are easy to follow and it will be going to fix issues location issues with your iOS device, In case of any question or clarification, feel free to reach us on the contact page.

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