How To OP Yourself In Minehut Server(In 5 Steps)

How To OP Yourself In Minehut Server(In 5 Steps)

In this post I show you how to OP yourself on your Minehunt server, Before you OP yourself, You need to first go to the Minehut web panel and make sure that you are logged into your account and that your server is activated.

Also, make sure that our server is online, check that on your right side of the dashboard, where it says server status, and make sure it is online.

If it’s not online you can just click that start button that’s right-hand side, that’s easy.

Let’s get started.

How To OP Yourself In Minehut Server

1. Log into your account and then all you have to do is come to the left-hand side and click on Dashboard

2.  It will show you all the servers you’ve got, then go and click on the server to which you currently want to go to and set yourself OP.

3. Click on Manage Server just there and it’s going to go and take you into your server.

4. Now, go up to the top bar menu and you need to go and select Console.

5. Scroll down on the live Console and you need to go and click on enter command, type in Op, and then the Your username, for example, “op Johndoe ” and hit enter.

6. You will get a message which says say “made Johndoe a server operator” this means you have successfully Op yourself.

How to Remove OP from a User/Player on Minehut Server

The Console on the Minehut server gives you the ability to remove OP from a player, 

This is when you Op someone else on your server and then you decided not to OP a certain player anymore on your server for a reason known to you.

Let’s get started on how to remove OP from a Player:

1. Log into your account navigate to the left-hand side and click on Dashboard

2. Select the Server you want to remove OP from a player.

3. Go to the top bar menu and you need to go and select Console.

4. Enter deop in console followed by the player’s username, For example, “deop Johndoe” 

5. Once you hit enter, you will then get a message saying “Made Johndoe no longer a server operator”.


What Does OP do in a Minecraft Server

When you set yourself OP or someone else, this is giving them all the privileges to basically be a server administrator and that includes stuff like changing game modes, changing the time, executing admin commands, etc.

What does the Console do in Minecraft Server?

Console in Minecraft is where you can see everything that is happening on your server,

Also, it’s where you can go and act as the server administrator and this is where you go and own the server.

What is OP in Minecraft Server?

OP is actually just short for the operator, it’s like server operator so when you do a command (in console), it’s like you are now a server operator and then that’s what gives you all the permissions to like ban, kick and whitelist user or player in Minehut server.

How to fix: sorry but you do not have permission to perform this command please contact the server administrators

If you get the above error, it means your server does not recognize you, you need to OP yourself in order to make your server accepts the command you key in.

Follow the above steps in this post to know how to Op yourself in Minehut.


I hope this article has helped you with knowing how to Op yourself in Minehut, how to OP another player, and also how to remove OP from the player.

All the steps in this post are easy to follow and understand with a pictorial guideline.

In case of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach us on the contact page.

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