How to Remove Spin Lucky Wheel Android


The Spin Lucky Wheel is one of the most annoying, Many Android users are receiving an irritating spin the wheel pop-up. The fortunate wheel malware asks the Android user to spin a wheel in order to win a prize.

The game will suddenly pop up and take over your screen while you’re trying to do something else, and many people have difficulty figuring out how to remove the game from their devices once it’s become a problem for them.

Luckily, there are many different ways to get rid of this obnoxious game, and you can use one of them to finally bring peace back to your phone or tablet.

How to remove spin lucky wheel android 

Use ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

The ADB is a command-line tool that allows you to communicate with your device. It’s often used by developers, but can be very useful in removing certain features of Android. 

Because you can use it from your computer, it’s much easier than doing so directly from your device. Make sure you enable USB debugging on your device and plug it into your computer via a USB cable. 

Once that’s done, open up a terminal or Command Prompt (Windows) / terminal (Mac) and type adb shell, then hit enter. 

You should see the # sign as an indication that you have been connected successfully. Now type settings, put global spin_enabled 0 and hit enter again. Then type exit to exit the adb shell session. Reboot your phone as soon as you are back on the home screen. Your game will no longer ask for a lucky spin!

Find Google Mobile Services

The best way to remove these types of apps is by using Google’s own device management application. 

  • To start, you’ll want to visit Google Play on your mobile device and tap Apps > All in order to see all of your apps and games. Next, scroll down to select Settings. 
  • Once there, click Google Mobile Services from under Account Preferences and then choose Uninstall Service. 
  • Choose SPIN_LUCKY_WHEEL for Android or SPINNERS for iOS and confirm that you want to delete it.

Use Activity Launcher Pro

There are several ways to remove the lucky wheel from your Android. The most common methods are also some of the easiest methods. 

One is using an app like Activity Launcher Pro, which allows you to eliminate any app that you don’t want without actually removing it from your phone. You can simply open Activity Launcher Pro and tap on a preset task that removes the lucky wheel for you instantly.

If the lucky wheel does not show up in your list of apps, try restarting your phone and opening Activity Launcher Pro again. If it still doesn’t appear on its own, there’s another way to go about it, but it will require having root access as well as installing a terminal emulator application.

Build a Custom ROM

The first, and most obvious, way of getting rid of all that bloatware is by installing a custom ROM (that’s your phone’s operating system) that doesn’t include it. 

This approach involves flashing your device with a new ROM (which can be tricky and cause issues if you don’t know what you’re doing), but there are plenty of great resources online on how to do just that.

Alternatively, you could root your Android phone or tablet and uninstall pre-installed apps through the Google Play Store. It’s more complicated than simply downloading a new ROM, though.

Run your Phone in Safe Mode

If your device is running slowly or if you’re having trouble with an app, one way to figure out if it’s an issue with your device is to boot it into safe mode. 

Safe mode temporarily boots your phone without third-party apps and services, meaning that if something won’t run in safe mode, there’s a good chance it’s being caused by another app. To boot into safe mode on most Android phones.

Below is how to run in a safe mode:

Select Restart by pressing and holding the power button.

Press and hold the volume down button once the device starts to boot up.

The device will operate in a secure mode.

Factory Reset your phone

A factory reset will delete everything on your phone—apps, contacts, photos, and videos—but it’s an easy way to get rid of that pesky spin wheel. To do a factory reset, go into Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

Reset the software

Uninstall apps one at a time using the Android Device Manager or through Google Play. You can also remove system updates one at a time. However, you run the risk of bricking your device if something goes wrong during update removal. Use great caution when removing system updates!


Many Android users have found some of the methods discussed above work for them. When removing the spin wheel from your phone, use the easy method from the ones explained in this article.

Do not choose a method that you will be unable to follow. If one method did not work for you, try the alternative one. 

If you have any difficulty removing the spin wheel, feel free to post it in the comment section below this post.

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