How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking [Easy Method]


Do you have an annoying caller that you can’t figure out how to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking their number?

You may block a number on your iPhone, but you can also use call rejections to help prevent calls from coming through. The beautiful thing about block numbers is that you can undo the process if you change your mind later, but with the call rejection settings, it’s impossible to trace the number and undo the action.

How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking

The best and quick way to stop calling on your iPhone without blocking the number is first to go to Settings > Do not disturb > toggle on the “Do not disturb” option, you can also schedule the time you don want to receive the call.

How to stop calls from unwanted numbers on iPhone

If you’re sick of getting calls from a particular number, there are some steps you can take to stop the calls. 

It’s easy to block unwanted calls on iPhones, but it can be more complicated to stop them without blocking them.

The first step is to find out exactly what number is calling you. If you have caller ID on your phone, this should be easy; if not, call your phone company and ask them to add it to your service (it’s free). You can also download a free app like TrapCall (available on the App store)that will identify most numbers that call or text you.

Once you know who’s calling, there are a couple of different ways to deal with them:

1. Block the number

If you don’t want to hear from someone again, blocking their number is an easy way to make sure they’ll never reach out to you again. But keep in mind that blocking someone doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stop calling, they may just try another number instead!

How to Block Calls on iPhone

You can block calls by following these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap Phone > Call Blocking & Identification, then tap Add New.
  • Enter the phone number that you wish to block, or scroll through your recent calls to find it. 
  • Then tap “Block Contact/Number.”

2. Make use of a third-party caller ID app, such as Trap Call or Truecaller.

This third app, like Trap Call or Truecaller, can easily stop spam callers from wasting your time by blocking spam calls automatically. They do have a large number of spam caller IDs in their database, which are regularly updated. This will be of great help.

3. Use your iPhone’s Silence Unknown Callers feature.

Go to Settings > Phone > scroll down and toggle OFF Silence unknown Caller

This feature will automatically block all unknown callers or numbers from reaching your number. This will also include spam calls or bots.

What do you do if you are unable to block a number on your iPhone?

If blocking doesn’t work for some reason (the person keeps using a different phone number), consider using tools like Apple’s Do Not Disturb mode:

Do Not Disturb mode is a handy feature that blocks incoming calls and notifications during a set period. 

To turn it on, 

  • Go to Settings Do Not Disturb > Scheduled. 
  • Then select Days and choose the days and times when you don’t want to be disturbed by calls or notifications from anyone. 
  • From now on, your phone will be silent whenever it’s in Do Not Disturb mode, unless someone calls twice within three minutes or sends you a text message (in which case the call or message will come through).

How to ignore a call from a friend without them knowing

There are a few ways to ignore a call without the other party knowing it. One strategy is not to answer the phone. The caller will very probably leave a voicemail if you do not answer his/her call.

Another option is to answer the phone and then immediately hang up the call, or pretend like this is an error with the network. This will give the impression that you didn’t hear them or that you didn’t have the ability to reply.

How to block incoming calls on iPhone

You can block incoming calls from a particular number by using the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “Do Not Disturb” to turn on the feature.

2. Scroll down to the “Allow Calls” From section, then toggle the switch next to “Calls From Favorites” to OFF.

3. To block calls from people who are not on your Favorites list, scroll down further and toggle the switch next to Everyone Else (to block all other callers) or Blocked Numbers (to block specific numbers), then enter the number you want to block and tap Block Contact/Number.

How to block No Caller ID and Unknown Calls on iPhone

There are two methods on how to block No caller Id calls, If you have iOS 13 or a newer version, it will let you block unknown callers and unwanted calls from coming into your phone.

1. Go to Settings,  scroll down from the Settings app to the Phone icon press the phone setting and if you scroll down a little bit here you’ll see this new option that says “Silence Unknown callers”

Now, go on and turn on this option “silence unknown callers.” This “silence unknown caller” feature will send all unknown calls to voicemail.

2. To block unknown calls, you will have to go to your settings and then you’ll have to go to “Do not disturb” and 

Then, on top of the page, turn on the “Do not disturb” option.

Then, go to “allow calls from” and allow calls from all contacts. This will obviously block unwanted calls and unknown calls, but it will also block calls from people that you don’t know.


We are providing the best possible solution to this problem with a few steps. With these steps, you can block a number without blocking all of your calls on your iPhone. I hope this post helps. In the case of any question or problem, feel free to contact us at the Contact Page. Cheers!

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