How to Stream Flixtor on Roku(In 5 Steps)

How to Stream Flixtor on Roku(In 5 Steps)

How to Stream Flixtor on Roku: Flixtor is a new way to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, live streams online, etc. Flixtor is the first streaming service that lets you stream from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet to any device with just internet access. 

Flixtor works with any video player or browser that supports HTML5 video. You can play any videos on any device with just an internet connection. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds! 

You can also use Flixtor as a third-party streaming application to arrange content, Movies, and TV Shows for its users. Flixtor is available in both free and premium plans. 

Although Flixtor is not available on Roku you can still access it on Roku by screen casting content from your phone, computer, or tablet onto the Roku TV. Keep reading.

How to Stream Flixtor on Roku in 2022?

To watch Flixtor on Roku Tv, you have to screencast or screen mirror from the Flixtor app on your mobile device(both Android & iPhone) to your Roku Tv.

First, let’s enable Screen mirroring on Roku Tv:

1. Go to the Settings on your Roku TV

2. Then Scroll down and select the System option.

3. In the upper side, scroll and locate the Screen Mirroring option

4. Under screen mirroring, Click on the Screen mirroring mode.

5. You will be prompted by a pop window, Click “Allow Always”

Once you are done with the steps above, you will now need to connect your Mobile phone whether Android or iOs to your Roku TV. 

(Also make sure you have the Flixtor app installed on your phone)

How Screen Mirror Flixtor App from Android to Roku Tv

1. Navigate to your Android device.

2. On your phone, swipe down the notification bar to reveal a screen mirroring/casting option.

3. Click on it, and it will begin looking for available nearby devices

4. Select your Roku device name and grant screen mirroring permission.

5. Now, launch Your Flixtor app, select the movie you to play, and enjoy it on the big screen.

Flixtor App Screen Mirroring from iPhone to Roku TV

1. Go to the settings on your Roku Tv.

2. Scroll down to where it says “Apple Airplay and Homekit” and click Enter on your Tv remote.

3. Under airplay settings, turn on the Airplay.

4. Now, go to your iPhone device,

5. Swipe down “Control Center” on your iPhone 

6. Select the “Screen Mirroring” option.

7. Click the Roku device name that appears and enter the passcode that appears on your TV screen.

8. Now that your iPhone’s screen has been successfully mirrored to your TV screen, open the Flixtor app, play the movie you want on your iPhone and enjoy it on Roku Tv!


For the above screen mirroring to connect successfully:

  • Both your iPhone and Tv must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Your Roku Tv must have the latest updated version of the Roku firmware.
  • Your iPhone device should also have the latest iOS version. 
  • To get a better experience, enable “Fast Tv start” on a Roku device, Go to Settings > Power > Scroll down and enable the “Fast Start” option 
  • You should also have premium flixtor app access.

How to stream Flixtor from Windows PC to Roku TV

1. Open the Google Chrome browser.

2. Search for Flixtor and login into your account.

3. Press the Windows (Icon) + P keys to select the Connect to a wireless display option.

4. To screen mirror on Windows OS, select your Roku device name.

5. Once successfully connected, enjoy the Tiktok on your Roku Tv.

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How to Stream Flixtor from iPhone on Samsung TV

1. Go to the app store and search for AirBeamTV (Samsung app mirror).

2. Click to download, once it’s ready to open.

3. The first time you open Mirror for Samsung, you will see your TV listed right away.

4. Click to select your Samsung Tv name.

5. On your Tv screen, at the top and it also gives you a notification, where you will need to permit to connect to this TV, So click “Allow”

6. On your iPhone click “Start Mirroring” and “Start Broadcast” (circled Icon)

7. On the count of three-two-one seconds countdown, you will be successfully connected. 

8. Now your iPhone is mirrored to the big screen successfully, from your phone open Flixtor App, Play Movie, and enjoy.


  • Before you do screencasting, make sure your Roku is updated to the latest firmware, Go to Settings > scroll down to System > move again to System Update click okay and tap Check now for new updates.
  • Your Samsung Tv and iPhone should be under the same WiFi network, for the screencasting to work, Otherwise, you will experience some errors.


What is a Flixtor?

Flixtor is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV. 

Is a Flixtor Free?

The app is available for free, but there are some ads that can be removed by purchasing an ad-free premium version of the app, It cost $3.29 per month and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

What are Flixtor alternatives?

The following can be a great alternative to the Flixtor app, they include Torrent tv, Zona, Y-movie, Time Putlocker, and Popcorn. visit their website to check them out.


This post explains how to watch Flixtor on Roku TV through screen mirroring. The post explains all the steps in clear and simple steps to follow. 

These steps discussed above will also work with other types of TV sets. 

In the event of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach us at our contact page. 

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