How To Tell If Someone Turned Off Their Location On iPhone[Explained]


Many people are concerned about privacy and security, especially when it comes to their cell phones. This is why they want to know how to tell if someone has turned off their location on their iPhone.

Getting to know whether or not someone has turned off their location on an iPhone can be important at times. 

For example, if you are out with friends and one of them forgets their phone in the car, the location feature would be helpful to know if they have forgotten it.

This post will discuss some of the ways, you can tell whether someone has turned off their location on their iPhone or not.

How To Tell If Someone Turned Off Their Location On iPhone?

When someone turns off their location on an iPhone, a “Location not available” notification will appear below the name of the person you are following in the “Find My friend” tab. This may be a result of when someone is offline, on airplane mode, or when their iPhone is turned off.

Another method of knowing if someone turned off their location on the iPhone?

If you have access to them, then simply ask them if they have turned off their location or not. If they say yes, then you can stop worrying about it! 

However, if they say no, then there might still be some cause for concern since this could mean that they did not turn off the feature but may have disabled it instead of turning it completely off.

Why Would Someone Turn Off Their Location on iPhone?

There are a few reasons why someone might want to turn off their iPhone’s location services. 

  • The most common reason is privacy. If you have an iPhone with an older version of iOS that doesn’t allow you to choose which apps can access your location information, then turning off your phone’s location services will prevent apps like Google Maps from getting access to it. 
  • Another reason individuals might want to disable location services on their iPhone is if they’re travelling abroad and don’t want to be charged roaming fees every time they use data or send an email. There are other ways to limit how much data you use while travelling besides turning off location services.

How to turn off location sharing on iPhone

without Them Knowing 

When you stop sharing your location with the contacts, the iPhone will notify your friend that you have stopped location sharing. In this section, I will show you how to evade that in a few steps. Keep reading.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on Privacy

3. Next, choose Location Services.

4. Turn Off location services

How To Stop Sharing Location On iPhone 

1. Open up your settings app on your iPhone

2. Select your profile account by clicking on your name.

3. Toggle off Share My Location on your iPhone.

  • The second method is above the share my location tab. At the top, check for Find My iPhone, click on it, and then uncheck it by toggling it off.
  • This feature is useful if your phone is lost or stolen; turning it off disables the ability to locate your iPhone in such cases.

How to stop sharing locations with only one person

  • Select the People tab in the Find My app.
  • Locate and select the individual with whom you don’t want to share your location.
  • Moving down and selecting Stop sharing my location.

How to Share Your Location in the iMessage App

  • Go to the iMessage app and select the message.
  • Select the name of the individual you want to share the location with.
  • Click on the information (i) icon.
  • Choose to Send My Present or Current Location.
  • The position on the map will be visible to your recipient, Then select the timeframe for which you want to share your location.

How to Fake Your Location on Find My Friends- iPhone

For different reasons, a lot of people each day try to fake their whereabouts on the Find My Friends app. Some people want to do it for privacy reasons, while others just want to have some fun with their friends by showing a fake check-in.

Using the VPN will not change your location on the Find My Friends app, as it only changes your IP address, not your geolocation coordinates.

However, we can fake location by using a third party called “Phone Recovery” (” (copy & paste into your browser).

You will only need to install the app and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB C or lightning cable.

You need to tap “Trust” on your iPhone to let the app communicate with your iPhone.

Just tap “Trust” and unlock your iPhone using your passcode and it will connect successfully. 

You need to select the “teleport” mode of the app and enter the desired location or coordinates in the address bar. 

Just play around with locations and test them on the Find My Friends app. It will definitely work.


It is always important to know if someone has turned off their iPhone’s location services, as it could explain why your attempts at contacting them have fallen on deaf ears. 

The post above will give you a definitive answer to the question you asked yourself: “Did he/she turn off their location services?”

In the event of any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach us on the contact page.

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