How to Unlink two iPhones


The simple act of linking your iPhone to your Apple ID can have many uses, from getting free cloud storage space to keeping your data backed up across all of your devices. 

This can create problems when you’re trying to sell or give away an iPhone you don’t use anymore and want to make sure that no one can access your data. 

With a few simple steps, you can easily unlink two iPhones so that they cannot connect to each other in the future. Let’s get started!

How to Unlink two iPhones

1. On your iPhone, Go to the “Settings”

2. Click on “Account’s profile iCloud”

3. Select “iCloud”

4. Then, Toggle off “Contacts” Select the “Delete my Account” pop-up window.

Method 2

How to Unlink two iPhones

1. Go to the “Setting”

2. Scroll down and select “Mail”

3. Then select “Account”

4. Under account click “Gmail”

5. Toggle to turn off “Contact”.

6. On the pop-up window click “Delete my account” 

How to Stop Sharing Photos between iOS devices

1. On your iPhone, go to the “Settings”

2. Scroll down and Click “Photos”

3. Then Select, “iCloud”

4. Toggle to turn it off.

5. Select “Remove from iPhone” in red.

How to Stop syncing from iPhone to iPhone 

1. On your iPhone, go to the “Settings”

2. Click on “iTunes and App store”

3. Toggle off the “Apps”

4. Then go to the “iMessage,” turn it off

How to Stop syncing from iPad to iPad 

1. On the iPad, go to the “Settings”

2. Under the settings, Select “Photos”

3. Under the photos, turn off “My Photo stream”

4. Also, go to the “iMessage,” toggle it off.

How to copy data from iPhone to Android with iCloud 

In this section, I am going to explain how to copy the data from your iPhone to iCloud and then download that data onto your Android device.

This will copy data such as free apps, photos, contacts, messages, videos and documents. 

Where we use Wi-Fi, so make sure both devices are on Wi-Fi also this should work with most Android phones the process will be similar but you might have to work out which copy software.

1. On the iPhone go into “settings”

2. Sign in to your iCloud with your Apple ID.

3. Next step is to do a backup to iCloud, tap on iCloud then scroll down to the bottom and tap on iCloud backup. (select what we want to backup only)

4. On your Android device, Go to the Google play store and install the “Smart Switch” app on your phone.

5. Open the “Smart Switch” and tap receive data.

6On the “Get connected” window, select “iPhone/iPad.”

7. Select “Connect wirelessly to iCloud” 

8. Then enter your “Apple ID and Password” and sign in.

9. Now select a list of data you want to copy into your Android device.

10. Select “Import” then click “Done”.

What to do before you sell your old iPhone

If you’re thinking about selling your old iPhone, you might want to read this first! Before you put it up on Craigslist or eBay and sell it off, there are several things you should do to make sure that it’s in good shape before you send it off to its new owner. In addition to making sure that your phone still works and looks great, these steps will also help protect the information that’s on your device, which could potentially be stolen if your phone ends up in the wrong hands.

Back up your data.

You’ve probably heard of cloud storage, but most people tend to stick with their existing service—Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever they’re already using. It’s easy to forget that iPhones can store a lot of information too, including text messages and photos. If you want to be sure those memories are kept safe in case something happens to your phone, it’s worth taking five minutes out now and again to back up your phone on iTunes.

The 3 ways to get photos off your old iPhone

There are three main ways to get photos off an old iPhone. Each method is pretty straightforward, but they all have different pros and cons that may or may not work for your situation. To help you decide which will be best for you, we’ve gone through each of them and outlined some of their major strengths and weaknesses below. Let’s dive in 

1. iCloud photo library: one advantage is that it is included with your Apple device; it also includes free iCloud storage space of up to 5GB (iPhone owners can upgrade to 1TB). The downside to the iCloud photo library is that it doesn’t actually remove anything from your phone, so if you want those hundreds of pictures taken on a 4GB iPhone model removed completely, it won’t happen until you connect it and sync it via iTunes.

2. Using Google Photos as an intermediary: One big advantage of using Google Photos as an intermediary is that when you upload your old iPhone pics, they are safe by default. 

If you don’t already use Google Photos, then take advantage of its high-quality backup feature while uploading your data-rich camera roll photos to make sure they don’t go into limbo. 

Once you’re done transferring photos over to Google Drive/Google Photos, there’s no reason to ever look at them again because they will live safely on Google servers forever. 

However, unlike option number 3 below, nothing happens automatically once you export your photos. It’s just a standard folder of jpegs that could go any number of places and easily get lost among emails and personal folders.

3. External hard drive wirelessly using AirPlay Mirroring or Wi-Fi: Finally, wireless transfers are quick and easy if both devices are connected to a wireless network.

Which method should I use?

If you’re wanting to move data from an older iPhone model or iPod, there are two ways to go. For a no-nonsense approach, just use iTunes. 

It’s relatively straightforward, but can be time-consuming if you have a lot of content on your phone that needs transferring. 

On the other hand, using third-party applications is much faster than using iTunes and is also less of a battery drain on both your computer and iOS device.

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