How to wake someone up on Facetime


FaceTime is an Apple video chat software that allows users to make video and audio calls between Apple devices or between Apple and Android phones.

FaceTime may be used on a variety of systems, and the FaceTime protocol can be used by other manufacturers. 

How to wake someone up on FaceTime

Press the scream button; this will produce a “scream” noise which will wake up the person on the other side.

You can also try the “shout louder” option. This will produce a stirring sound on the recipient phone, causing the disturbance.

How to Wake Someone Up when iPhone Phone silent 

1. When it comes to a silent phone, Google Voice may be useful, 

 Simply enter the contact information for the person you’re trying to wake up and dial their phone number.

Open the Google Voice app. On the lower right end, select the dial pad and key in the number you want to call.

2. For Apple smartphones, you can use the Find My iPhone feature.

When you press the Play Sound tab on this feature on your phone, key in the details, your friend’s phone will ring loudly, even if it is in silent mode.

How to Wake Someone Up when an Android Phone Silent 

Go to the contact section on the phone app, pick the numbers that are allowed to call when the phone is silent, and start staring them.

After you’ve highlighted your contacts, you’ll need to change your “Do not disturb” settings.

Choose “Set Do Not Disturb Rules” in the settings, then “Priority Only Allows” in the Priority area, and “From Starred Contacts Only” in the Call section.

The person you’re phoning must turn on Do Not Disturb-Priority Mode before going to bed.

You can call the person with the above settings even if their phone is on mute mode as long as your number is on the stared list, and they will hear you.

Use Galarm app

This software allows you to set an alarm for your sleepy friend.

If the person you’re trying to wake up has a Galarm, they’ll get a notification on their phone when the alarm goes off.

This app also lets you set the amount of time that must pass before you are notified if someone has ignored your alarm.

SMS Alarm

This app lets someone else send you a message that will override your device’s silent mode.

It also lets you choose how long the alarm should last and whether or not the phone should vibrate.


Is Facetime available on Android phones?

Although there is no official FaceTime software for Android, iOS 15 and higher users can invite Android users to join their FaceTime conversations.

Is it possible to make free FaceTime calls?

Yes, FaceTime does not use phone networks, so it is not comparable to a traditional phone call. Apple does not charge a fee for making or receiving these calls.

Is it possible to FaceTime from my computer?

FaceTime is not compatible with Windows or PCs.

How can you make an audio recording of FaceTime?

If you’re using a Mac, press Command+Shift+5, then go to Options and turn on the built-in microphone.

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