How to Watch Shudder on PS4[In 5 Steps] – 2022

How to watch Shudder on PS4: Shudder is the ultimate premium streaming service for horror and thriller films.

Shudder is an undermatch dreaming service for the fans of the horror, thriller, and suspense genres.

You will get tv shows, movies, podcasts, and a live tv stream.

The Pricing of Shudder is similar to Disney plus, Shudder is $6 per month or you can get the annual subscription for $57 and save $15 a year.

If you have an amazon prime video account you can easily subscribe to Shudder through that so you don’t have to worry about another app taking more of your storage space on your phone or your smart tv.

In this post, we go over how to watch Shudder movies on PS4. Since there is no shudder app on PS4, we will take another approach and watch the movies on PS4.

Let’s get started… 

How to Watch Shudder on PS4?

To watch Shudder movies on your PS4, you have to screencast or screen mirror from the Shudder app on your mobile device(both Android & iPhone) to your PS4.

How To Screen Mirror Shudder on iPhone To PS4

1. On your iPhone, go to the App Store and search and install this app “Screen Mirror App”

2. On PS4, open your browser and type in this website “Tvee App” and search.

3. Click on the first result or link.

4. Now, go and open the Screen Mirror App on your iPhone and Scan this QR code you got in Step 3.

5. Watch a 30-sec ad, after that from the four options on your iPhone screen choose Screen Mirror.

6. Once you have clicked the on-screen mirror, your iPhone will successfully be mirrored onto your PS4.

7. Now on your iPhone, go to the Shudder app, sign in and watch the horror movie of your choice on the PS4.

8. It’s that simple, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Note: Bothe your iPhone and PS4 should be connected under the same WiFi Network for the screen mirroring process to work.

How to stream Shudder from an Android device to a PS4

Streaming Shudder from an Android device to a Playstation 4 is extremely simple, all you need is an Android device and a PlayStation 4 on the same Wi-Fi network and an application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Go to Google Play Store search and install the “Pixel Media Server” app on your phone.

2. Once the Pixel app is installed you can assign a DMS name to your device and select which directory you want to share. (directory is either SD or device memory).

3. Once you are done tap the play button to start the Pixel Media server app and on your PS4 go and open up the media player app.

4. The Pixel Media server from your Android device will appear on your PS4, you will now be able to browse the folders on your Android device and play any media that’s stored on it.

5. For the Android device you need to have Movies from Shudder downloaded and store on your device memory or SD card, you cannot directly cast or screen mirror from Shudder App for this particular method.

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How to watch Shudder on Amazon Prime?

Sign in to your Amazon Prime account or create a new account if you don’t have one by going to the Amazon website.

It is simple to add Shudder App as one of your Prime Video Channels and join up for a free trial subscription. 

Choose Account & Lists the Navigate to “Your Prime Video“. select the Channels,  then select Shudder.

If you do not want to be charged, you can cancel your streaming subscription account at any time or before the free trial finishes.


About Shudder Interface and Workings

Shudder has the same interface as Netflix, it has the same colors same, layout, and similar tabs and it gives you the option to add a movie to your list just like Netflix. 

Shudder uses the perfect colors for its brand and they have created an interface that’s familiar to most people who are subscribers of Netflix.

Is Shudder Free?

No, Shudder is not free but they do have a free trial.

Shudder is $6 per month or you can get the annual subscription for $57 and save $15 a year.

How is Shudder different from others?

Shudder has a feature that allows its users to write reviews on movies and tv shows and give ratings and users can also write an honest review, so you won’t have a hard time finding five-star rated movies. 

Unlike Netflix or Hulu this is going to waste your time, so the review feature comes in handy and saves you lots of time and also saves you from the headache of finding a perfect movie to watch.

Shudder has Tv which is like a cable Tv channel for horror movies it’s a 24/7 live stream of killer content.

Is Shudder available on PS4?

No, Shudder is not currently available on PS4 currently, however, the Shudder support team once reply to its client confirming they are working on having its app available on PS4 in near future.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription?

First, log in to Your Amazon account and under ‘Your Account’, then navigate to ‘Memberships and Subscriptions’. select “cancel” from the list.


I hope this post helped guide you on how to stream Shudder movies on your PS4, for both the Apple and Android devices.

The post also covers other related areas to increase your knowledge Shudder app and how it works, its costs, and its interface.

In case of any questions or clarification, feel free to reach out at our contact page. 

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