How To Whitelist A Player On Minehut(In 3 Steps)

How To Whitelist A Player On Minehut(In 3 Steps)

Have you ever wondered how to whitelist on MineHut? Well, I am going to explain the simple steps you should take on how to remove someone or a player from your Minehut server.

Minehut is a free game that is easy to get into and fun for everyone.

We all love to play Minehut on our computers and mobile devices, but there might be times when you want to play on a more secure network. 

Minehut has some great security features that are easily accessed by typing in some commands. Let’s look at how to whitelist someone on the Minehut server.

How To Whitelist On Minehut 

Before we go into detailed information, in order for you to be able to do Whitelisting on the Minehut server, you need to Op yourself: Read: How to OP Yourself in Minehut Server.

1Log in to your account on the Minehut website.

2. Navigate to your Minehut Dashboard.

3. From your Minehut Server list, select the one you want to whitelist a user/player on and hit Activate server option.

4. Once you have activated the server, Scroll down and Go to Server properties> on the bottom side, where it says Whitelist, select and Enable Whitelist.

5. Move up and click Save.

Once you have enabled the Whitelist on your Minehut server successfully, you will now need to add yourself to your server’s whitelist in order for you to add other users to your server’s whitelist.

Follow the below steps:

1. Go to your Game panel and open the Console.

2. Once in the Console, Type in whitelist add (write your username), for example, “whitelist add Johndoe”

3. Then hit enter, and you have successfully whitelisted on your server.

Now to add Other users/players to your Minehut server, the process is just similar to the above one.

Open the Console.

  • Once in the Console
  • Type /whitelist On
  • Then Type in “whitelist add username”
  • (write the username of the player you want to add), for example, “whitelist add Johndoe”
  • Then hit enter.

That is it, you have successfully added a player to your Minehut server.

You will see a message reading “player added to whitelist”

How To remove a User from Minehut Server

The process is again almost similar but a slight difference in the command you type into the game Console.

Let’s get started.

  • Open Game Console
  • Then Type in “whitelist Remove username”
  • (write the username of the player you want to remove), for example, “whitelist Remove Johndoe”
  • Then hit enter.

Once you hit enter, you will see a message reading “player removed from the whitelist”

Why You should Whitelist A Player on Minehut Server

In Minecraft, some players/users can be annoying and cause a lot of grief, especially when they join without being whitelisted.

1. First, if you are playing in a team and someone else is using a bot, then they can easily take over your account. 

If they do this, then they can ruin your game for everyone else as well as yourself. 

2. The second reason why you should whitelist a player on the Minehut server is that it helps prevent cheaters from getting into your server in the first place.

If someone attempts to hack into your server but does not know that you have been whitelisted, then they won’t be able to get into your account at all.

3. The main reason why players or user needs to be whitelisted is that they will not be able to join your server,

If they do not have permission to play on it, that is when Whitelisting comes in, especially if you have enabled whitelisting on your server. 


I hope this article has helped easily whitelist a user or player of your Minehut server, All the steps are easy to follow and understood,

In case of any questions or clarification, feel free to reach us on our contact page.

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