If you unlike video on TikTok will they know?


With so many videos being watched on TikTok, you might wonder if you can like and unlike them. Is that to say that the person who posted the video is aware of your like and unlike action?

The short answer is yes, they can see if you unlike their video, but they probably won’t care… or even notice! 

If you’re still curious, read on to learn more about what it means when someone Likes and unlikes your video on TikTok.

If I Like and Unlike A TikTok Will They Know?

Will your crush know if you accidentally like and instantly unlike his/her video on the Tiktok account, the simple answer is NO, especially if the creator of the video has a considerable large number of followers.  

There are instances in which the person whose video you like and unlike may know them. 

First, if you are the first one to like the video immediately after it was posted by the creator. 

Second, If they’ve had their notifications turned on for a long time and you take too long to unlike them, they’ll almost certainly get notified once you like their video.

How does Tiktok Like and Unlike action work? 

TikTok’s developers have yet to release an official API. 

That means there are still a lot of unanswered questions about how the software works.

However, when it comes to TikTok’s most Like and Unlike videos, the answers are very straightforward. They won’t know you disliked a video on TikTok until you tell them!

Except for the scenarios discussed above.

Instances when they will not know when you Like and Unlike Videos

  • If the creator of the video turned off notifications on their phone and you like and the, unlike their video, they won’t know.
  • If they post a lot of content on a regular basis and get a lot of engagement, they’re always getting notifications, and the chances of them finding out if you unintentionally liked and then unlike their video are little to none.
  • If you like and Unlike a trending video, your activity may be obscured by the actions of other viewers who like and comment on the video, the chances of the creator noticing your unlike action is none.

Why Is TikTok Unlike Videos You Have Liked?

  • The daily like limit on TikTok is 500 likes. Your likes will no longer appear on the video you have liked once you reach this limit. This can also be another reason why your like videos disappear from the activity feed.
  • Likes for videos on TikTok don’t appear to be added if you don’t have a solid internet connection (wifi or mobile data). When your network isn’t stable or slow, TikTok won’t be able to process the activity.

This post explains whether the creator of the video you have liked or unliked will notice your activity. The answer varies according to different scenarios and has explained all of them in detail above. 

In case you have any questions, feel free to post in the comment section below this post.

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