Why are my TikTok followers going down


Are you a TikTok influencer? Since so, you most likely have followers, and if you’re reading this, I’m sure you want more! There are many reasons why your number of followers might be going down, but there are also some very effective ways to bring it back up.

In this article, I’ll go over the top eight reasons why your TikTok followers may be declining, as well as some helpful ideas for increasing your TikTok followers so you can finally reach the next level of success!

Why are my TikTok followers going down?

Your followers might unfollow your account if your content is no longer entertaining to them. Another reason may be that Tiktok has shadow banned your account. This may prevent your account from getting followers. Tiktok also deletes users who are dormant or inactive. This will also result in the decline of your followers.

Continue reading to get more in-depth about why your followers are going down on Tiktok.

Why are my TikTok followers going down?

The Eight Reasons Why Your TikTok Followers Might be Going Down

Are you getting enough likes?

Likes indicate how well your account is performing. If you’re not getting enough likes, it means your content isn’t popular. And if it isn’t popular, you need to create better content to get more likes, followers, and views. In other words, a low like count tells you what people think of your content—and helps you decide if that opinion aligns with yours!

Are you using hashtags?

On TikTok, hashtags are extremely important because they can help your post stand out and attract new followers. However, if you aren’t already using hashtags, you are unlikely to gain more followers. If the number of people who follow you is dropping quickly, it’s likely that some of the hashtags you’re using are boring or even spammy and are turning people away from your content instead of drawing them in.

Are you posting too much?

It’s fair to want to start posting frequently on TikTok, but if you do, your followers will grow tired of watching you. Your followers will quit following you if you post too much for a long period of time. Instead of posting everything at once, spread out your postings over the day!

Are you posting content at the right time of day?

Do you publish at peak hours? If your target audience is working adults, 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. may be more active in their day than 9 a.m. or 3 p.m. Consider changing your posting schedule to post when your followers are most active, then schedule other posts for other times of the day so it doesn’t appear that you’re overwhelming them with posts all day.

What’s happening in your niche?

There are a few potential reasons why your followers may be going down:

1) You’re not following enough people in your niche to keep getting notifications.

2) You’re in a niche that has fewer active users.

3) The site is experiencing technical difficulties. (TikTok is currently experiencing many issues.)

4) People just don’t care about your content or they think it’s spammy, and they don’t want to follow you anymore.

It’s also important that you stay in your niche and follow a consistent posting pattern. 

Your follower may be underage.

If you have a lot of underage followers that are on the platform who are creating accounts, a lot of those underage accounts are being banned and are not able to use the platform. 

This will result in the decline of your followers on Tiktok.

Inactive followers on your account

A lot of inactive accounts on TikTok. If you haven’t used your account in a year or two, they are actually closing those accounts.

So if you have maybe 50 or 100 followers and 40 of them are not using their accounts anymore because, at first, Tiktok was exciting to them and now they decided, you know what, they haven’t even touched the account in about a year and a half, you’ll start to see those accounts drop off. That is another reason why you may be losing your followers.

Banned Tiktok account

Some of your followers may be banned from accounts, which come from people violating the terms and conditions of Tiktok.

There are a lot of people who are buying followers, buying likes, and buying views. Those accounts are being banned and guess what, you will see those followers drop off. That may be the number one reason why you may be losing followers.

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