Why Does My Airpods pro Keep Beeping(How to Fix)

Why Does My Airpods pro Keep Beeping? The Airpods beeping is a feature that allows you to know when the AirPods are connected or disconnected.  

The AirPods will make a distinct beep when you receive a call or text message. This is useful to alert you to incoming texts and calls without having to touch your phone.  

The AirPods also always beeping because they need to be charged. Airpods beep if the charging gets down to 10% or less. This is normal and should stop once they have fully charged. 

 But if your Airpod pro keeps beeping even after you have fully charged them, check the following reasons for the possible cause. keep reading.

Why does my AirPods pro beeping?

Your Airpods may produce the beeping sound because of the following possible cause:

 1. The AirPods are not properly connected to the charger.

2. The battery in your AirPods is running low on charge, and the AirPods need recharging.

3. There is a problem with your AirPod charging case, or with the charging port on your phone or another device that’s connected to it.

4. When AirPods failed to pair with the Apple device.

5. When Airpods come into contact with water and some moisture got trapped in it.

6. The Airpods may also get physical damage either from falling or other causes.

How to Fix AirPods Beeping Problems 

1. Turn off the Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

Some iPhone users have found this fixed the Airpod beeping sound, Swipe down on your screen and go to the control center, select the “Airpod pro volume control”.  Select “Off” to turn off noise cancellation.

2. Reset your Airpod Pro

Resetting your Airpod pro can help you resolve the beeping sound:

Go to the Setting on your iPhone, then go to Bluetooth, under the devices connect, locate Airpod pro, touch on the (i) icon, then select Forget This Device, select Forget this Device again to confirm. 

Once done, connect your Airpod again and check if the beeping sound occurs, some Apple user has found this to solve the beeping sound problem.

3. Remove and Clean Silicon Ear Tips

Gently remove the silicon ear tips from your Airpod pro and clean with a cotton swab or soft cotton cloth. 

Once you are done with the cleaning, return the silicon ear tips on your Airpod correctly and check whether the beeping sound is gone.

4. Charge your Airpod

If your AirPods are beeping, you might have a problem with the charging case. 

To check if this is the issue, open the charging case and power off/on your AirPods.

 Also in case, your battery is 10% or less, make sure to charge the Airpod pro for like 30 minutes, and then connect it to your phone to see if the beeping problem is solved.

Fix the Airpod Beeping by Turning off Siri

The AirPods may beep when they detect you are wearing them. The audio is transmitted from the AirPods to your iPhone and then back to the AirPods.  

The AirPods are constantly listening for audio commands from your iPhone device. If they pick a sound they interpret as speech, they will try and respond by beeping or vibrating. 

 If you want to stop this feature or behavior, simply switch off the “Hey Siri” command on your Apple device.

Fix Airpod Beeping by Checking the Magnetic Coupling

AirPods beeping is a common problem. It may happen when the AirPods are not properly placed in their charging case. 

The most common reason for this is that you have dropped the AirPod case and it has come out of its magnetic coupling with the charging case.   

If you suspect to have done this, then simply open up the case and restart charging by placing it back into its magnetic coupling correctly.

How to turn off the Beeping Sound

If you want to turn off the beeping feature completely, you can simply do so by double tapping on the right side of your AirPods case – the one with the lightning connector.  

This will open up the iOS settings of your iPhone/iPad and allow you to turn off “Accessibility” (the third option).   

When this option is disabled, your AirPods will no longer make any noise when charging or while receiving a call.

Other Reasons why Airpod may Beep

You may hear a beep sound because of one of the following Scenario:  

  • Your AirPods are receiving a call or text message, but you do not see the notification on your iPhone.  
  • You have received a call or text message on your iPhone, but it has not been delivered to your AirPods yet.  
  • The AirPods are receiving a call or text message that was sent from an iOS device i.e iPhone or iPad.

Why do my AirPods Beeping after getting wet?

If your Airpod beeps after it come into contact with water or any other liquid substance, this will result in battery damage hence the beeping sound. 

Always make sure to store your Airpod from water to avoid damaging it.

My Airpod beeps with No Sound in the Earbud?

When you turn on your Airpods and they make a beeping noise with no sound. This is because the microphones are turned on and listening for the sound of your voice and are not picking a signal from Bluetooth. 

If you are not hearing any sound in your earbuds at all, then it could be because there’s no signal being sent from your iPhone to the Airpods. 

How to fix this:

Check that Bluetooth connection is enabled under Settings > then Bluetooth & other devices (the icon looks like two dots). Make sure that “Bluetooth” is set as the default device for all audio devices. 

When using audio through other devices such as speakers or headphones or Airpod, you can choose which device should handle what by clicking on the Bluetooth icon and selecting it from a list of available devices displayed. 

For connecting to the Airpod, you should the name “Airpod pro” from the list of available devices.

How to Fix If Your AirPods are Crackling

If you are experiencing a crackling sound inside your apple AirPods pro, this can completely ruin your listening experience.

Some users report this is worse with the active noise canceling feature.

What is the cause of this annoying crackling sound and how can you fix it?

1. First, ensure you are running the latest iOS firmware on your phone. 

This is the first thing that Apple support recommends the users do in order to resolve any sound concerns with their AirPods pro.

2. Hard reset your apple AirPods pro,

To do that put your air pods in their charging case and close the lid, wait about 30 seconds then open the lid of your charging case on your iPhone or iPod touch, go to settings then Bluetooth, and tap the information (i) button next to your AirPods. 

You will then tap forget this device and then tap again to confirm,

with the lid open press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds until the status light flashes then white and then reconnect your Airpods.


I hope this explanation in this post has helped understand why your Airpod produces a beep sound and also how to fix the Beeping problem of the Airpod.

In case the solution in this post has not abled fixed your issues or problem, you can contact the Apple support team by visiting their website or if you have a physical location around your place, you can just visit them.

If you have any questions or clarification, feel free to contact us on our contact page.

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